Welcome to RISINGSUN
  • FMC (ID 025874) USA
  • ISO9001:2008 Certified
  • PICC/AIG insurance for logistics's responsibility
  • Member of OPCA
  • Member of WCA (ID 55279)

RISINGSUN is a Chinese owned and operated company, specializing in International Freight Forwarding, by way of ocean, air, rail and truck freight. It is founded in 1999 and is a growing company. Offering service between China and other countries in the world.

RISINGSUN has established three branch offices in China , including Dalian / Tianjin / Qingdao. All branch Office is “ First Class “ licenced which qualified to offer our clients or overseas agent complete logistics
services. In order to keep growing continuously. RISINGSUN will set up more branch offices in the future until covering all major ports in China.Our Quality Management and Logistical intelligence are the foundation upon which our organization is able to build the optimum solution to any transportation need, door to door, by air, sea or land. Our local knowledge enhanced by RISINGSUN Alliance Network powered through our agent to agent communication links enables us to provide our customers a real international competitive advantage.

RISINGSUN is a reliable & active partner for you (International ship owners/brokers, freight forwarder) to conduct your business in China with our professional staffs and good reputation.

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